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    You've probably used the terms spam and vandal before. They both refer to some of the unfortunate things that wikis have to deal with. However- there's more to spam and vandal than you might think.

    During the Roman Empire's steady period of decline, various barbaric tribes from the north invaded and pillaged Rome. One of these tribes was called the Vandals. The Vandals stole whatever they could from Rome, and what they could not carry with them was burned.

    Of course, in today's civilized world vandalism is mostly graffiti and draping things in toilet paper.

    Is it possible to recieve a spam to buy spam?

    Yes, spam is also a type of meat. It can be served/used with eggs, musubi, and various other foods.

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         This blog is for reporting someone who breaks this wiki's Code of Conduct. To report a rule breaker, simply leave a comment below with proof of what he/she has done. Please ask an Admin if they want proof if the proof you would like to give has an inappropriate/foul/extremely offensive word in it. All proof will be deleted once the issue has been taken care of. The punishment given to the offender of the rules (if found guilty) will be decided by the Admins of this wiki.

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