The Arakyd ST2 concussion missile was a type of concussion missile armament installed in the Millennium Falcon by Han Solo.


File:ST2 missile launch.jpg

ST2 concussion missiles were launched from ST2 concussion missile racks, each of which could carry four missiles. The missiles were covered with a green energy shield while in flight and had orange exhaust flames. An ST2 missile was just over 1 meter long and as powerful as a standard proton torpedo. Their warheads were also armor-piercing. They had an optimum range of 300 meters and a maximum range of 700 meters, and cost 750 credits apiece.


Using these missiles, Lando Calrissian breached the reactor core of the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor, resulting in its destruction.


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    Used by Lando Calrissian to knock out the main reactor on the Second Death Star, just after Wedge Antilles used a pair of MG7-A proton torpedoes to disable the power regulator.(First appearance)
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